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Marble - The elite stone

Marble defines luxury and taste. It has been the choice of the monarchs and the rulers since times immemorial. In this modern world, it is the choice of the tasteful and those who want to invest in the class. Marble has been the preferred stone for sculpting. It is the sculptor’s first love. Its density allows for the most intricate carving and molding into various shapes, the attractive soft translucent appearance makes it versatile to represent human figures and its durability and offers it to be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is can be compared to the most preferred vintage wines that better with age. The soft, easy-to-work quarried marble becomes durable and hard with age.

Handcrafted Marble

Handicraft is in, as are the made-to-order cars, tailor-made clothes, made-to-order cakes, and the list is long. This is luxury redefined! There is a scope for personalized and unique crafts that one envisions to match his décor or fantasy. Marble handicrafts can be offered as unique gifts during Christmas, Valentine’s day, house warming ceremonies, marriages, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays, …., and return gifts. Marble handicrafts are aesthetic, simple yet trendy.

Handcrafted Marble from Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur known as the city of lakes boasts of its rich cultural heritage, is very rich in minerals and stones, and has a legacy of arts and crafts. It is situated in the south of Rajasthan in India and is famous for its white and green marbles of very good quality.

Artifacts made of marble

1. Marble Bowl 

Marble bowl is the most versatile and fondly ordered artifact. It is famously used as a home décor item to be used as a centerpiece, filled with water and decorated with flowers or candles. It is used on tables to serve rice, noodles, fruits, nuts, salads, and candy. Marble bowl can be kept on a desk, table, bookcase, shelf, dining table, or bedside. The bowls are used to organize jewelry, keys, and bathroom items. Marble bowls are also used to serve pet food.

It is used as a punch bowl to serve any punch of your liking. The popular punch served in India is made of spirit, sugar, lemon, water or tea, and spices. Historically Marble Bowl was an indispensable item in every household above the humble class. It was frequently given as a present by a near relative. No one ever bought it. The tradition continued with various adaptations. Now it is used to serve soups, desserts, and ice cream. There is an option of stackable marble bowls to cater to the needs of the modern kitchen.

The marble mortar and pestle is a simple tool used from the Stone Age to the present day. It can be found in every household to crush and grind ingredients in the kitchen. 

The marble bowls are used for shaving as they naturally retain heat. Run the bowl under hot water for a minute. It will retain the heat and warm up the lather for a comfortable shave.

2. Marble Washbasins

The bigger marble bowls are used as Washbasins, indoors and outdoors. Thanks to marble washbasins durability, aesthetic looks and class, the modern architects who like to infuse tradition and natural material into the modern décor never miss out an opportunity to use these.

3. Marble Sculptures, Marble Animal Figures & Home Décor

The craft of making sculptures from marbles, carving on walls, carving frames of doors and windows, and doing inlay with precious stones can be seen in many temples and mogul monuments. Carving shapes from stones began long before painting. Artifacts have progressed from this point to where they are now. 

The famous Lord Ganesha (the god with the human body and elephant head), the various forms of Lord Gautam Buddha, the Hindu gods and goddesses like the Kuber- the goddess of wealth, Lord Shiva and the Shivling, the Holy Cross, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary or any Roman or Greek gods and goddesses are the sculptures made and sold all over the world. The fountains are the other category that is keenly sought after.

The modern adaptation to the very traditional art that is versatile and trendy has made it affordable to anyone passionate about it. They are tailor-made, handcrafted not compromising on the golden standards set by the lineage of sculptors. The elegance and the modern look make it stand out. The natural stone makes the color and texture of each artifact different. 

Send Gifts

Marble handicrafts are gifts that will last for generations. You can treat yourself or your loved ones with marble handicrafts. Choose from a wide range of products offered at at affordable prices and very good quality. They come in all sizes and can be customized.
Gifts are ways of showing our appreciation and our love to our near ones. In today’s times when we cannot reach our dear ones our gifts can. Marble handicrafts can be offered as unique gifts during Christmas, Valentine’s day, house warming ceremonies, marriages, anniversaries, festivals, birthdays….and return gifts.
We have the option of gift wrapping and sending a note.